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Management Strategy

As the current state of our domestic economy continues to improve in terms of employment and income, a trend of moderate recovery is continuing, backed by government economic measures and the Bank of Japan’s monetary easing policy. The real estate industry’s performance is also largely steady. Market willingness to invest is very stable, and trade is thriving in almost every sector, including condominiums, office buildings, stores, hotels and distribution facilities. On the other hand, in addition to factors like the rise of land prices in major metropolitan areas and construction costs staying high, there is a growing trend in cases of secondhand condominiums being available. Though the retail marketplace is experiencing a boom, more cautious outlooks are beginning to emerge, and it could be said that the future is unclear.

That is why in the future, in order for our company to diversify into businesses that have synergy with our existing real estate operations, in addition to our original businesses, we have established three fundamental themes for our strategy: contraction and conversion, multi-polarization, and the promotion of diversification. We will build a firmer management base through the following policies, and strive to expand our business.

Driving the expansion of the scale of our businesses

Initiatives to meet market needs through promotion of LEGALAND developments as products for dealing with inheritances.

  • We will develop LEGALAND as the market leader for products dealing with inheritances.
  • We will actively procure properties in focus areas such as Tokyo’s ten metropolitan wards and places that are within ten minutes of terminal stations on foot, and aim to improve our business profitability.
  • We will begin a business model that targets the affluent population in earnest.
  • While the two cities of Osaka and Tokyo will be the center of our business, we will not restrict our market area. Even in other urban areas, we will closely observe market trends such as population growth and real estate supply and demand, and aim to expand the scale of our businesses by purchasing excellent properties.

Making continual growth a reality

We will build a company network for continually obtaining real estate information.

  • Through the promotion of a legal partner system that distributes business profits to information providers, we aim to lock in holders of real estate information and obtain continual real estate information on a priority basis.

Guaranteeing stable profits, improving the profitability of our real estate solution services and rental services, and implementing continual growth

We build continual, circular profit opportunities that revolve around real estate services (management and rendering of services)

  • We build continual profit opportunities through the start of services for real estate management and rendering of services, with properties as the point of contact.
  • Through operations at our care facilities, we aim for synergy with our real estate business.
  • Not limited to real estate sales, rentals and mediation, we will engage in new businesses that have synergy with our existing real estate businesses to build a stable management foundation. In addition to the nursing care services business that we had already started, we launched a property management business in the period that ended in July 2018. Since then, we have moved forward with further diversification and attempted to expand and stabilize our businesses through services such as hotel management.

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