Privacy Policy

Legal Corporation (hereafter, “the Company”) values your privacy, and believes that safeguarding customers’ personal information is an important responsibility. On this website, we abide by laws regarding the protection of personal information, and take the following approach with regard to our handling of personal information.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information refers to relevant information that pertains to a living individual, including name, date of birth and other information that would allow the specific individual to be identified, or information that can easily be compared to other information in order to identify a specific individual.

Purposes for Using Personal Information

When we ask customers to provide personal information, the information will be only used to answer or respond to customer inquiries or requests, or for purposes that are explicitly stated when we receive that information. Other than for these legitimate reasons, we will not use customers' personal information without consent.

Real Estate-Related Purposes of Use of Personal Information (only available in Japanese)(104KB)

Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not provide third parties with personal information collected from customers unless we receive customer consent. Even when delivering information that could be useful for you on behalf of businesses or organizations other than the Company, we will not disclose or provide personal information to those businesses or organizations without customer consent. However, the following cases are exempt.

  • When disclosing personal information to the Company or the Company's subcontractors (participating member stores, shipping companies, etc.) to the extent necessary for purposes of use
  • When providing personal information to a third party specified in advance at the time that we receive personal information
  • When providing personal information to a third party is permitted in accordance with laws and regulations, or by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

Disclosing, Revising and Deleting Personal Information

We will keep your personal information as accurate and current as possible. If you would like to disclose, revise or delete personal information provided by a customer, we will swiftly respond within a reasonable range. In that case, please contact us.

Managing Personal Information (Secure Management Measures)

We will take rational, organizational, physical, human and technological measures for the secure management of the personal information we have collected from customers, and appropriately handle personal information on this website in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. We will strive to prevent dangers such as unauthorized access of personal information, loss of personal information, falsification and leaks of personal information.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Use this website at your own risk. The Company is not liable for any damages arising from the use of various types of information obtained from this website or other websites which link to this website.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

On this website, when we make changes to the personal information we collect, changes to the purposes of use, or other privacy policy changes, we will announce them through changes to this page.

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